Is Automated Software Testing Worth the Investment?

Most of the engineering disciples include testing as an accepted practice. The process of testing is never thought of as a separate task, but it forms the core and the most integral part of the profession. Testing is always carried out with no exception. But when it comes to software development, the process of testing is not so absolute.

However, in the software industry, the process of testing is very tedious and time consuming. And that is the reason why manual testing is now getting replaced by automated testing. Since computers are designed in such a way that they can process the same information and execute the same task over and over again, it makes sense that they are used for carrying out the testing also.

Here are a few reasons that will help you understand why automated software testing is worth the investment:

  1. Less Time- If manual testing is carried out, then it has been observed that it is a very time consuming task. The only task that has to be executed is finding out whether the test case was successful or it failed. With the help of automated functional testing tools,a lot of time can be saved in the entire process as we would not have to concern ourselves with writing and maintaining the code.
  2. Less Effort- The process of manual testing is complex and tedious. For a newcomer, it can be an intimidating and challenging task. But if automated testing is carried out, then it is going to be extremely convenient and easy for even new comers to work and their productivity is going to increase and chances of making errors will go down.
  3. More Productivity- If the developer has a manual testing process to take care of, it is going to be an extra overhead for him. But if testing is automated, then the developer would not have to leave his developing task and thus the productivity of the developers is increased. The time that is saved in the mental switching of tasks will be saved and all the energy can be vested into one task only.
  4. Increased Predictability- If the process of testing is automated, then the same process is going to be run every time and therefore you will start getting a fair idea about the results that are going to be obtained and the predictability will increase. The code that you write will act as an external variable and decide when the test cases will get validated.
  5. More Reliability- As the predictability of the test results is increased, you would know that this entire process of testing is more reliable as you will be obtaining accurate results. In case of any failure, the automation tools – whether it is mobile automation testing tools or software testing automation tool, there will be several options to troubleshoot the problem and recover from it.

Thus, to wrap it all up, investing in automation software is definitely worth it and you should do this at the earliest.

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